Yamanaka Aburaten Machiya Guest House



The kyo-machiya has been restored using plenty of cedar.
Relax and let yourself be healed by the smell of nature.

San-no-tsubone Gentle light passes through the louvers made of cedar from Kitayama, giving a relaxing feeling and making you feel at home.
The morning light shines through the skylight and a fresh breeze flows through the ‘mushiko’ windows. San-no-tsubone
San-no-tsubone The traditional Kyoto cedar from Kitayama planted in the courtyard inspires thoughts of the Kitayama scenery full of nature and surrounded by greenery.

Room features


The seat in the entrance, louvers on the 1st floor and flooring are lavishly made with cedar.
Take your time to relax in the luxurious bath and shower unit.

All-round VIEW
※View the rooms on a panoramic screen.

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