Yamanaka Aburaten Machiya Guest House

Koki-den Minami-tei (South house)

Koki-den Minami-tei (South house)

Ten terraced houses are now rare in Kyoto.
Take time to enjoy a cozy and relaxing moment unique to Kyoto.
The whole family will be able to enjoy their stay.

Koki-den Minami-tei (South house) The house is equipped with a kitchen so that you can cook meals. Perfect for long stays.
The second floor has 2 western-style rooms that can accommodate 2 people per room. Koki-den Minami-tei (South house)
P1030520 The house offers wide open spaces.
Enjoy spending time with your friends and family.

Room features

Koki-den Minami-tei (South house)

A kitchen, washing machine, and dryer are provided, making the house suitable for long stays as a family.
There are 2 private rooms on the 2nd floor with skylights.
Both rooms are perfect for relaxing.
The open space on the 1st floor is very spaciously designed for a convivial atmosphere with large groups.

All-round VIEW
※View the rooms on a panoramic screen.

Koki-den Minami-tei (South house) Room availability

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History of Kokiden Hall

Kokiden Hall was an important palace in the inner palace near Seiryoden where the Emperor resided.
The Lady Kokiden of ‘The Tale of Genji’ is the character who entered the court of Emperor Kiritsubo and subsequently gave birth to the Emperor Suzaku.
Lady Kokiden is famous for persistently bullying Kiritsubo-no-koi, Genji’s mother.
The Lady’s younger sister Oborozukiyo also lived in Kokiden Hall and had a relationship with Genji. This made the Lady angry at Genji, who was then exiled to Suma.
In real life, women referred to as ‘Lady Kokiden’ include Empresses of Emperor Uda, Emperor Murakami, and Emperor Ichijo.

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