Yamanaka Aburaten Machiya Guest House



Enjoy an elegant and refined stay in a Kyo-machiya.

Ichi-no-tsubone The 1st floor includes 2 rooms approximately 7.5m2 in size and 1 room approximately 9.9m2 with a suspended floor.
The 2nd floor comprises 2 rooms, each 7.5m2 and 9.9m2 in size. Enjoy an old-fashioned machiya atmosphere on the 1st floor and a charming 2nd floor. Across the ‘mushiko’ windows used to lie a world where emperors and empresses lived 1,000 years ago. Ichi-no-tsubone
Ichi-no-tsubone The courtyard houses a stone washbasin, and a maple tree planted on the side brings a sense of the seasons.

Room features


Ichi-no-tsubone keeps the configuration of the original machiya with 3 rooms on the 1st floor and 2 rooms on the 2nd floor. All rooms are of a Japanese style with traditional tatami mats.
Extending in a straight line from the entrance runs an earthen floor to the kitchen, washroom, and bathroom, allowing a pleasant breeze to flow through.

All-round VIEW
※View the rooms on a panoramic screen.

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