Yamanaka Aburaten Machiya Guest House



Through the ‘mushiko’ windows you can see the main building of Yamanaka Aburaten, built in the Edo period.

Demizu-machiya Soak in the steam rising from the ‘goemon-buro’, traditional bath, and be soothed by the fragrance of the Japanese cypress.
Open the sliding paper doors to let the refreshing Kyoto breeze flow through. Demizu-machiya
Demizu-machiya The trees growing in the courtyard announce the changing of seasons.

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The kyo-machiya maintains the passage garden and fire box reminiscent of the past. Feel the history of Kyoto while soaking in the traditional ‘Goemon’ bath.
This is said to be the place that housed the Koriyama Shoshidai (local governor), where Ryoma Sakamoto frequented during the Restoration period.

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