Wood Coating Oils and Materials

A Passion for Natural Oil Coating Chapter 5 Wax

Q: I found a wax composed mainly of perilla oil at a store. Would you recommend using it? Could you let me know how to take care of natural wood while keeping the feel, scent and texture of it intact? Also, could you tell me how to properly care for wood?

A counterA: If wood is coated in perilla oil, I do not think using special wax is necessary. Some people even dislike waxing because the wood’s surface ends up too glossy. Once you start natural oil coating, I would recommend regular dry cloth polishing alongside it, even if it is a little troublesome.

However, in the case of a bar counter or a table, you may find water spots appearing even though it is treated with perilla oil, in this case I would recommend applying natural bees’ wax on the oil-coated surface. Natural wax, such as bee wax, is effective in keeping water spots at bay.